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Choose from a wide selection of outer shells, thermal liners, and moisture barriers for your specifications. Please see our Materials Page.

Southern Mills Materials :  100% Nomex

Custom Letter Patch


Flashlight Hook & Strap

Elbow Padding

60% Kevlar
40% Nomex

•Advance Ultra
60% Kevlar
40% Nomex
20% PBO

60% Kevlar

Gear As Tough As You Are.

NFPA 1971 certified
Maximum MobilityTM and "Kinetic KontrolTM" technology provides a dynamic balance in patterns designed for freedom of  movement with zero restriction in critical areas.

Our engineers have examined all of the critical areas (hem rise, sleeve migration, bulky collars, restrictiveness within the crotch and knees) that have plagued fire fighters for years in turnout gear designs. Ricochet has developed cutting edge technology with Anatomical Patterning which provides turnout gear that works with the dynamics of the body,
providing Maximum MobilityTM with greater range of motion than any other turnouts on the market.

Our Anatomical Patterns are engineered to reduce heat stress, hobbling, and fatigue; and designed to provide fit, comfort and Maximum MobilityTM throughout all three layers of your turnout gear.

Increased mobility...enhances endurance and stamina.  The Size you Need Guaranteed!

Well-fitting Performance Gear is critical given the hazards encountered on the job. Ricochet provides sizing suits to ensure the best possible fit. Click here to find a dealer close to you.


Hook & Loop Storm Flap


Shoulder Caps

Standard Features
Shoulder Strap Padding
Elbow Padding
3 Ply Knee Padding
FR Hems-Double Stitched

"Kinetic KontrolTM" Waistband/integrated belt - engineered to be less restrictive, adjustable for personal comfort/fit to dramatically improve range of motion, while transferring weight onto the hips and not on the shoulders (Patent Pending).
"Kinetic KontrolTM" Knee with an innovative design provides Maximum MobilityTM when squatting, climing, kneeling, or crawling - Engineered with Anatomical Petterning so the turnout gear works with you and not against you. A true 3-dimensional knee designed for freedom of movement with zero restriction in one of the most critical areas. (Patent Pending).
"Kinetic KontrolTM" Panel - Creates a dynamic balance between the crotch and leg panels without restrictiveness, providing the wearer with comfort and Maximum MobilityTM within the crotch.
Variety of pocket options
Low-cut waist design provides for increased comfort and reduced weight... Turnout pants that fit like your favorite pair of jeans.
Streamlined fly flap with Velcro or zipper to reduce weight and bulk

Pass Device Tab

Double Hook & Loop Closure

Name Panels 4" x 15" (sewn on or removable)
2" or 3" scotchlite Reflective Letters Sewn On in Lime/Yellow or Red/Orange
Custom Name Panels 4" x 15" with Silver Infused Letters
Custom Name Panels 4" x 15" with Silver Letter, Black Outline or Silver Letter, L/Y Outline or Silver Letter, R/O Outline or L/Y Letter, Black Outline or R/O Letter, Black Outline or Solid Black, Yellow, or Silver Letters.

Shoulder Caps


All stress points are reinforced with a 42 stitch bartack for additional strength.

Microphone Tab

Protective Gear

Fire Master

Drag Device

Men's standard choices of 30", 32", or 35" lengths
Female's standard choices of 27" and 30" lengths
Optional EDPTM "Extended Drop Panel" system. This option allows you to extend the coats back panel by 3" or 5" in length; customizing any of our standard lengths to meet your department's specifications.
Ricochet has partnered with one of the most specified DRD's in the fire service today. The Yoc Strap is easy to use and ready to deploy at anytime.
Anatomical patterning within the sleeve provides for Maximum MobilityTM at the elbow and for forward flex and reach. Our design allows you to raise your arms with zero sleeve retraction and minimal coat rise.
"Kinetic KontrolTM" band under the arm offers a dynamic balance from the cuff to the hem of the coat, providing Maximum MobilityTM with zero sleeve retractions and minimal coat rise.

Inside Zipper Closure

Expansion Pocket with Flashlight Divider

Additional Options

Choose from a variety of trim patterns to find the one that fits your department's specifications. Please see our Options Page.
Trim swen on with double needle lock stitch on both sides.

Super Duty Suspenders

•PBI Gemini w/ Matrix
40% PBI+Kevlar Filament

60%TechnoraNFPA Trim Standard

Flashlight Tab and Strap


Contoured storm flap extension for continuous therman and moisture barrier protection
Bi-Swing Back with anatomical patterning provides unrestricted arm reach while offering a true yoke for comfort
Choose from a wide selection of outer shells, thermal liners, and moisture barriers for your specifications.

Thermal Liners
Caldura SL, Caldura NP, Omni
Aralite (Shown)

Hook & Loop Storm Flap


SCBA Back Pad