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The color, like the name, is steadfast and will not easily fade. Being elastic in nature, our coating does not inhibit the natural flexibility of the hose, making it easier to use, lays flatter, and rolls up easier. Superior Steadfast Coating can be applied to any hose we manufacture in Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, Tan, Purple and Black

Our 800 PSIG test all polyester double jacket EPDM rubber lined fire hose is ideal for high rise backpacks as well as other municipal fire fighting applications.
Designed for lightest weight with maximum strength.
Superior abrasion resistance.

Available with Superior Steadfast Coating Colors: Orange, Red, Blue,Yellow, Green Black, Tan and Brown
Available in 50,75, and 100 feet lengths

Superior Steadfast Coating
After extensive research, Superior Fire Hose Corporation is proud to introduce our new coating that has been formulated to compliment the needs of today's fire departments. Utilizing pigments and binders that have been developed for use with our product, the Steadfast Coating provides an environmentally safe coating that enhances our product with superior abrasion resistance and excellent water repellency.

All liners are extruded in house where we control the thickness and concentricity to the thousands of an inch. All materials used in this process are made in the USA. Meets or exceeds NFPA or Underwriters requirements for attack, relay and supply line hoses.

Why Superior?
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Methyl Rubber) Liner

Due to its excellent resistance to ozone, heat and weathering, EPDM is the ideal rubber for application in our product line. We specifically formulate the EPDM in conjunction with our adhesive blend to give more than double the adhesion to the jacket than that required. EPDM has more flexibility than polyurethane lined hose.EPDM allows our hose to retain this flexibility even after continued use.